Complete Treatment and Prevention of Restaurant Pests

Dolphnom becomes your partner in operating a safe, clean and regulatory-compliant restaurant. In today’s social media environment, the visibility of a pest can result in lost reputation and business. Our veteran pest management pros will work late at night or early morning to accommodate your business hours. We employ the latest pest management technologies including bait systems, undetectable liquid insecticides, insect growth regulators and electronic insect lights. Dolphnom  work on contracts which comes with regular schedule inspection and treatment upon your request

Here’s why we’re Complete:

Exterior and Interior Survey which includes trash areas, property perimeter, outdoor lighting, gutters, screens and windows, entryways, masonry, condensate lines, floor drains, food prep and storage areas, food debris, and more

  1. Inspect for Cockroaches, Flies, Stored Product Pests, Rodents and Wildlife
  2. Service & Treatment Records
  3. Staff Education (if requested)