Hygiene Supplies

If there’s one thing that we’ve realized over the years of trading in hygiene products, it’s that most individuals do not want to be around people or within a surrounding that smells foul and unclean. We know this, because through research and survey, we’ve seen what a lack of hygiene can do to one’s popularity being it individual or an institution.

Though some clients and individuals might not care much about the stank, most people do. If you want to put a good and positive impression forward to clients and friends, then you are with the right people. At dolphnom fumigation and cleaning solutions, we supply environmentally friendly and innovative (such as automated air fresheners and as well non-toxic automated pest repellants).

Over the years of getting more into hygiene products, we’ve learned which products work and which don’t. We’ve also learned what hygiene products are essential for being able to maintain a descent appearance (and smell). We supply disinfectants, towels, tissues, sanitary pads and liner, detergents, antiseptics, liquid hand wash soaps, automated air refreshners, automated pest repellants, antiseptic glass cleaners, dispenser tissues, general washroom supplies and more.