Dolphnom enterprise was established in 2015 and has over the years evolved to become a specialized cleaning and fumigation service provider in Ghana. It is one of the wholly citizen owned commercial and domestic cleaning and fumigation establishment in Ghana currently. Dolphnom cleaning and fumigation services was incorporated in Ghana under the registration of business names Act, 1962 (No.151). The company registration number is BN0A0NJ2015. It has extensive experience in cleaning and fumigation of all kinds of related properties such as schools, industrial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, government and private offices, hospitals, banks and more.
The employees are critical to the services we provide and we are very selective in taking on new working staff and as well the working staff are provided with regular and updated training. The company’s success lies in its ability to train and manage hundreds of staff to achieve the stringent standards demanded by the customers we serve in Ghana. Our services include the provision of hygiene supplies, pest control, once-off specialized cleaning, landscaping, gardening services and chemical supplies (disinfectants).


Our vision is to be recognized as the most effective professional cleaning
and fumigation service provider in Ghana and to match the current standards of
cleaning and fumigation in the market solely to promote hygiene and create
enough employment opportunity to the unemployed.


Dolphnom cleaning and fumigation will strive to be the industry leaders in superior quality and maintenance through the latest technology and equipment. Fumigation and cleaning is our core business, achieving the priority of the customers will help us grow and survive in the industry wide. To encourage close and everlasting relationships with our customers, therefore building their trust and confidence To achieve a reputation in the marketplace for outstanding delivery. Allow customers to judge the quality of services provided which will always encourage, inspire and motivate our team ensuring a productive work environment.


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