As one of the few reputable fumigation and pest control companies in Accra Ghana, each of our certified and licensed technicians
has extensive field training and also receives ongoing technical updates on the products and techniques.


fumigation Service Accra


We offer professional and skilled fumigation services for offices, warehouses,shipboards, farms, hostels,libraries, restaurants, malls, residential apartments, post constructional projects and the types of fumigation services.

fumigation Service Accra


We provide professional cleaning services to various customers throughout Ghana. And we aim to offer solutions on quality and skilled cleaning service and related issues that might help you to identify specific related problem or issue.

fumigation Service Accra


We supply towel dispensers and hand dryers, toilet roll holders, Soap dispensers Air fresheners and sanitizer Consumable toilet requests (paper towels, toilet rolls, liquid hand soap)


inspiring porfolio

Dolphnom cleaning services is a well established firm with a very great and inspiring porfolio in the fumigation & cleaning industry with professional and well trained staff.



Every member of our fumigation team is made aware of your detailed needs and high standards they must maintain to ensure your satisfaction .


We treat your property as if it ours.
We stick to appointments and deadlines making it our top-most priority to deliver our best always

Have you seen any of the following around your home or business?


House mice are generally afraid of rats, which often kill and eat them
fumigation Service Accra


A termite queen can live up to 50 years and produce 30,000 eggs a day
fumigation Service Accra

Carpenter Ants

Infestations occur around windows, roof eaves, decks and porches where it’s most moist
fumigation Service Accra


Learn more about what Bill Gates calls “the deadliest animal in the world”
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Ticks extract blood by cutting a hole in the host’s skin and inserting a tongue-like tip and an anticoagulant to inhibit clotting
fumigation Service Accra

Bed Bugs

Peak activity for a bed bug is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
fumigation Service Accra

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are a threat to native and ornamental trees, shrubs, vines and many cultivated crops
fumigation Service Accra


A 20-inch wasp nest may contain 3,000 to 10,000 female workers.



fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
fumigation Service Accra
I was once a disbeliever of the effectiveness of fumigation. I didn’t like the strong smell and the itchy nature of the chemicals used. But with the way I saw Dolphnom fumigation and cleaning solutions advert and recommendation  on the page of the potbelly shack page on Instagram I decided to try them, and believe me, they are so amazing and their fogger treatment is highly effective and 100% result base treatment. The results speak for themselves, it just works. I always call for the services whenever needed and as well recommend them to my family and friends. Mrs. Bampo Nora

Eastlegon – Accra

we were having severe problems with bed bug infestation with our hostels and our students complained frequently as well as their parents during PTA meetings, and so the estate unit decided to change the company we were outsourcing our fumigations services to, and fortunately for us we saw their website online and so decided to contact them and made arrangement with them for the first outsource and trust me, their execution worked like magic. We’ve been outsourcing our fumigation needs to them for the past one year now and we haven’t encountered even a single complain from any student and the parents as well don’t complain about it anymore during our PTA meetings. The estate unit has agreed to work with them as our main fumigation firm for all our fumigation needs Mr. Kwaku Nelson

(Estate unit), Regional maritime university

I met the managing director of dolphnom when he was a student at the university of Ghana years ago, and after his graduation, he started his own company in the field of cleaning and fumigation and so I once contacted him and outsourced the potbelly shack bar and grill fumigation needs to his firm and I bet you I like his approach to business and how effective their execution is and so I’ve maintained his firm as the main fumigation firm for my bar and grill. Mr. Darko

CEO-Potbelly shack bar & grill